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Taking a holistic approach to financial planning, our process focuses on paving a path that guides you toward your goals. Our firm specializes in retirement planning for individuals, helping them to develop sound retirement planning strategies. Our comprehensive approach to financial planning allows us to offer personalized and customized financial plans to each client that we serve. We are passionate about client education, so the mystery is removed from investing, insurance, estate conservation, and preserving wealth. Let us help you begin finding your way to financial freedom so you can retire with confidence.

Retirement Planning

The process of planning for retirement encompasses determining realistic retirement income goals and deciding what actions need to be taken to achieve those goals. Retirement planning includes identifying all sources of income, evaluating expenses, creating a savings plan, managing assets, and determining appropriate risk levels. Planning for retirement leads to peace and less stress in your life. During retirement, you do not want to worry about where your income will come from or whether or not you will outlive your retirement funds.

Retirement Advice from Actual Retirees

Monitor your investments in pre-retirement, plan for inflation, speak with your significant other about spending in retirement, focus on physical health, follow your budget, keep an eye on travel expenses, pay off your mortgage, work while you can, and budget for unexpected expenses.

Be sure to get with a retirement planning advisor to efficiently and effectively create a retirement plan catered to your specific situation. No two people are the same. Your financial plan should be as unique as you are. We can help you find which strategies will work best for you and help you implement them.

The Five Stages of Retirement

  • Pre-Retirement – The pre-retirement stage tends to begin about 5-15 years before actual retirement. However, it can start During this stage, people tend to shift their focus to retirement planning. Many people find this time to be exciting, but some find themselves in fear and worry. Utilizing a financial planner helps to mitigate these unnecessary stressors.
  • Full Retirement – The honeymoon phase begins at the beginning of this stage. Depending on the individual, your honeymoon phase may last up to a year or two after full retirement begins. Many people find freedom and relaxation during this stage, connecting with family and friends, and returning to long-lost
  • Disenchantment – Once the excitement of reaching full retirement wears off, the honeymoon phase ends, and disenchantment occurs. Sometimes boredom, loneliness, and feelings of uselessness. It is imperative to find purpose in this stage to avoid slipping into a depressive state.
  • Reorientation – What is said to be one of the most challenging stages in retirement, the reorientation stage occurs after retirees go through their retirement checklist and evaluate their retirement experience. Generally, this stage involves creating a new identity. A sense of closure comes from accepting that the working days are gone, and one can find freedom and ease in this part of life with the right resources and plan.
  • Reconciliation & Stability – Retirees who reach this stage will become more content and hopeful in their present life and generally experience less anxiety and depression.

Retirement Financial Advisor

A retirement financial advisor will help you by creating a comprehensive plan for your financial retirement goals. A retirement planning advisor will help qualify, quantify, and prioritize your goals for retirement. Qualified retirement plan advisors have a skill set that goes beyond essential financial planning or advice-giving. Retirement financial planning advisors also offer specialized advice on fund distribution.

Key Takeaways

It is never too early to begin planning for retirement. Whenever you decide to start taking control of your retirement financial life, be sure to do yourself a big favor and hire a retirement financial advisor. A retirement plan advisor will ensure that you address all of your specific needs and goals. Utilizing a financial advisor for your retirement planning needs will alleviate some of the usual stress and uncertainty that comes with considering when and how you will retire. Take the guesswork out of retirement planning and call one of our retirement financial planning advisors today.