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U.S. Leading Economic Indicators Rose Again


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Welcome to Cooney Financial Advisors, INC.

Cooney Financial Advisors, Inc is a family owned, independent, fee only financial advisory firm, founded in 1987. Our purpose is to help you and your family enjoy the lifestyle you prefer, while planning and working toward the lifestyle you envision in retirement.  Our mission is to help you organize  your financies and help you make the puposeful decisions needed to avhieve your goals.

Since we come from an accounting background, we have a unique perspective to the advice we give. We understand the impact taxes have on all financial decisions and how integrating that knowledge can make the difference in your planning. In addition, our strong knowledge of 401(k)s, IRAs, and rollovers will help you navigate through those treacherous waters. We look forward to using our experience and expertise to get you on the path to your dream retirement!

Please call or email us if you want to know more about our firm or how we can help you accumulate the money you need to live the retirement lifestyle you deserve. As an independent firm, our focus is always on providing you with the best, unbiased financial advice.

Organizing your financial information:

As with most things in life, being organized makes decisions simpler.  Your financial life is no exception.

When working with you, one of the first steps, is to help you organize your finances.  We use sophisticated technology to keep your information up to date allowing us to provide comprehensive lifestyle planning.

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  • Leading Economic Indicators Rose In March

    Leading Economic Indicators Rose In March

  • Three Ways You Can Play Good Stock Market Defense

    Sometimes, even for stock traders, the best offense is a good defense. For instance, a "stop order" can be a useful way to slam the brakes on potential losses, especially when the stock market is showing volatility. However, a stop order isn't foolproof. It also could trigger a loss greater than you expected or close the door on future appreciation.


  • How Can Wealthy Parents Avoid Spoiling Their Kids?

    You want what's best for your kids, and you have the means to ensure they want for nothing. But shielding your children from financial realities-spoiling them, in other words-can have unintended consequences.


  • How To Balance The Three Big Saving Priorities

    Going back to ancient times, elders preached about the wisdom of saving money. In the modern era, three primary saving objectives have emerged for most people: (1) saving for retirement; (2) saving for your children's college educations; and (3) saving for emergencies. This "big three" hasn't changed much over the past century.


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